Celebrity Events

Sonu Nigam

These are the words around which any good fairy tale weaves its way and Creative Events has helped thousands of couples turn their wedding day into great fairy tale occasions. With vast experience in personal event planning, Creative Events perfects the dream wedding our clients so deserve. We also understand that though weddings boast of festivity, fervor, and fun, they also envelope stress and strain for individuals and families involved. Our professional planning and design teams take on all responsibility, managing varied aspects of this delicate personal affair. We leave no stone unturned to make your event a memorable and ecstatic experience for you and the guests.


• Entertainment Solutions
• Dance Troupes
• DJ’s
• Live Band
• Models
• International Acts
• Foreign Bar Tenders
• Singers
• Anchors
• Stand Up Comedians
• Rock Band
• Item Performers
• Choreographers